Mixtape 5


The 5th edition of the Fucked Up Mixtape, featuring rare
audio clips, interviews, live sounds and tracks from related bands.
Limited to 500 copies.

1) Little Lady Bugs “Queen of Hearts”
2) “Galloping” (promo version)
3) “Paper the House” two ways
4) “Toned Slant” (Paper the House original demo)
5) D-Tox Rockfest Interview Pt. 1
6) Damian Interviews Oasis
7) Banter, May 29 2006
8) “Reset the Ride” live
9) “Year of the Dragon” Edit (edit)
10) Lonely Wholesome “Lethargy”
11) “Sun Glass” (version)
12) Russell Longmire Interview
13) Salem Rages “New Grave”
14) Scotty Karate on the radio, 2014
15) “Police” (live from 2002)
16) “Ban Violins” (live from 2014)
17) D-Tox Rockfest Interview Pt. 2
18) “Picture my Face” (Teenage Head cover)

1) Vish Khanna Interview Pt. 1
2) Calder Quartet “Let Her Rest”
3) “Jingle Bells” (live recording for Anthony Bourdain)
4) “Blink”
5) Vish Khanna Interview Pt. 2
6) “Ballad of Hammerhead” (from the WFMU comp.)
7) “21st Century Cling-ons” (from the Melvins split)
8) “Son of Sam” (Chain Gang cover)
9) Andy Capper Interview
10) “Teenage Fanclub” (Glass Boys session outtake)
11) Julie London “It’s Nice to Be With You”
12) “Last Man Standing”
13) In Good Company “Harmony’s Double” (from David's Town)
14) “Year of the Hare"